NL  Compact Plus® biogas installation The Compact Plus® biogas plant has a unique design; compact, flexible,  robust and simple.With the Compact Plus® biogas plant, you are capable of processing the widest range of biomasses. Both liquid and solid. To ensure  a good financial result – now and in the future – it is important that you  are not dependent on only a limited range of biomasses. The Compact Plus® biogas plant is equipped with a mixing/hydrolyses-ring  which is constructed around the fermenter. Hydrolyses has some major  advantages, e.g. it makes it far more easy to ensure a homogenous  mixture within the fermenter, it reduces the sulphur and carbon dioxide  level in the biogas. Above all, it gives a maximum biogas production.  EN The VacuumPressureTank pumpsystem pumps the liquid substrates into the hydrolyses ring. The solid substrates are dosed into the ring by means of  e.g. a shovel. No parts – like for example screws – come into contact with  the substrates. Possible pollutions like stones or small pieces of metal will  not cause a malfunction of the system.  From the hydrolyses ring the digester is fed by means of the pumpsystem.  The hydrolyses ring also serves as a stock for the digester. This means you  are able to work upfront and that it is not necessary to manually feed the  biogas installation on a daily basis.    The Compact Plus® biogas installation is based on a modular concept. The  basic version has a central digester with a mixing/hydrolyses ring around  it. If a larger capacity is required,  the concept can be extended with extra  digesters. Also the size of the central digester and hydrolyses ring can  vary. The modular concept means that the same VacuumPressureTank  pumpsystem can be used for pumping from and to all digesters. It also  implies that each digester can be operated separately. Because of the VacuumPressureTank pumpsystem, a single pipe can be  used for both pressing and sucking biomass. Therefore, the Compact Plus®  biogas installation only contains a limited amount of piping and shutters.  The Compact Plus® biogas installation is equipped with a highly advanced  steering and automation system. The whole process is automated and can  also be controlled by means of a remote connection.   Biogas Plus has a lot of experience on starting up and managing biogas  installations. With the Compact Plus® biogas installation, you not only  choose for an ideal design, but also for the certainty of an optimum  biological process.   The advantages of the Compact Plus® biogas installation: Maximum gas production  VacuumPressureTank pumpsystem Limited piping and few shutters Feeding substrates with a high level of dry solids possible Hydrolyses Modular Low in maintenance Completely automated Flexibility in type of substrates  Investment costs Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to see  what the possibilities are.