NL  Compact Plus® drying installation Biogas Plus offers you several possibilities to dry liquid and/or (semi) solid products. By using (waste) heat air is being warmed up. The air passes the drying installation and thus water is being evaporated. Our drying installations are perfect for drying manure and digestate, but also for drying e.g.: mais sludge wood chips ectcetera Our Concentrator® concentrates liquids up to 15% dry solids. The Compact Plus® drying installation dries (semi) solid products up to about 95%. The desired level of dry solids in the end product can be varied. Both systems can also be combined (serial or parallel). It is also possible to integrate a separator or centrifuge in your solution. The following scheme shows our possibilities for drying manure/digestate. EN Drying installation   Concentrator
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