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  • Unique combination of knowledge about the anaerobic digestion process and associated technical solutions
  • Optimal process integration through the combination of digestion technology and gas upgrading technology
  • A lot of practical experience in managing and maintaining biogas plants

Biogas Plus:
Partner in biogas

Partner in biogas

With more than 50 reference projects and more than 35 employees today, Biogas Plus is a leading organization in the biogas sector. Particularly in the Benelux and France, Biogas Plus can no longer be ignored as a supplier of components and as a project organization with all the necessary disciplines for the successful realization of every biogas project.

Biogas Plus is your partner for everything related to biogas. We combine extensive knowledge and experience in the field of the biological process with a very broad knowledge of the associated technology. This applies to co-digestion, waste digestionand manure digestion. We are unique in this. In addition to producing high-quality biogas at the lowest possible cost, we also focus on processing of manure and digestate. Biogas Plus offers the customer a choice of different types of drying installations and a modular pasteurization system. 

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Wednesday August 11, 2021

Athies methanisation Started

Monday July 05, 2021

Biogas Plus has entered into a partnership with Skyline Energy to start activities in Poland

Tuesday March 02, 2021