Athies methanisation Started

Monday July 05, 2021

At the end of June 2021 Athies Méthanisation started biomethane injection into the GRDF network on the planned date. The project is realised by Biogas Plus for the Papin brothers, known by their company Papin Transports. The project is equipped with 4 concrete silos of which three have volumes of 3600 m3 and a fourth of 2000m3, because it is equipped with a hydrolysis ring.

Biogas Plus provided the anaerobic digestion with its famous vacuum pressure pumping system, and in addition a very advanced biogas upgrader. It is equipped with the high-performance biogas pre-cleaning that is standard at Biogas Plus. Very striking is the fact that it is equipped with two compressors which gives a lot of advantages.

The project will be extended in the second stage and the goal is to increase to a production of around 650 m3 injection biomethane/h as quickly as possible

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