Compact Plus Manure digester

Compact Plus Manure digester

The Compact Plus Manure Digester is a robust and flexible manure digester that has been specially developed to make a livestock farm energy-producing and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The installation is characterized by high reliability and for that reason the least possible chance of malfunctions. The complete installation is designed based on industry standards and material choices. The digester is made of poured concrete, the pump system is made of stainless steel and the container has a concrete floor to minimize vibrations and noise.


The digester consists of an insulated concrete tank with a double membrane insulated gas roof and two agitators. The agitators are adjustable in height and angle, so that any floating layer, zinc layer or foam layer can be easily mixed away.


The other components are delivered in a plug-and-play container. The container contains the control box, the Vacuum Pressure Tank pump system, the heating system and the gas upgrading installation. Due to the concrete floor and the insulated walls, the installation is very quiet, so that it is hardly noticed by the environment.

VacuumPressureTank pump system

The system has a central pump system for sucking in the fresh manure and for pumping away the digestate, the Vacuum Pressure Tank pump system. This unique pumping system makes it possible to pump to and from multiple pump locations.

Gas upgrading installation

A gas upgrading installation is integrated in the Compact Plus Manure digester. The gas reprocessing installation consists of a biogas cleaning installation, a gas compressor and high-quality membranes. The residual heat from the gas compressor is recovered to further minimize the external heat use of the digester.

Complete automated

The Compact Plus Manure Digester is equipped with an advanced control system with which the entire process can be controlled automatically. Via the Rimote control system, you can log in remotely at any time to monitor the installation.