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Biogas Plus has started the construction of Twence Mestverwaarding in Zenderen

Tuesday March 02, 2021

The construction of Twence Mestverwaarding in Zenderen started at the beginning of 2021. Within this project, Biogas Plus is building a biogas installation that converts 250,000 tons of pig manure into biogas annually by means of anaerobic digestion. The biogas that is produced with this is sufficient to replace the gas consumption of 3,000 average households in the Netherlands. The Twence Manure Valuation project ensures a healthy agricultural sector and a vibrant countryside. In addition, the installation ensures a reduction in emissions of ammonia, methane and CO2.

Twence Manure Valuation

The Twence Manure Verification project will process pig manure into high-quality products. Pig farmers in Twente and parts of Salland and the Achterhoek have signed delivery contracts for the delivery and processing of their pig manure. The pig manure will be fermented in the Manure Valuation Plant to produce biogas. The digestate that comes out of the fermentation installation is then separated into a thick and a thin fraction, after which it is further converted into various end products such as fertilizer substitutes, soil improvers and raw materials for industry. In addition, clean water is produced that will be discharged into the surface water. Construction work on the project commenced in January 2021 and the plant will commence in spring 2022.

Collaboration between Biogas Plus and VP-Hobe

In 2015, Twence selected Biogas Plus and VP-Hobe through a public tender procedure for the delivery of the biogas installation and the manure processing installation, jointly known as Manure Valuation. The combination of these parties ensures a high level of knowledge of both the fermentation process and the manure processing process and therefore a unique technical solution in the market for manure upgrading. The installation therefore ensures a very high biogas yield in the fermentation installation in combination with maximum dewatering of the digestate. In addition, the choice of fertilizer processing technology ensures the production of the highest quality products, such as phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer and an ammonia solution.

Biogas Plus

Biogas Plus is a turnkey supplier of biogas installations with references ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 tons of input per year. The size of biogas installations is increasing worldwide, as is the need to process organic residual flows into high-quality products, such as biogas. Biogas Plus is a specialist in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of both small-scale and large-scale biogas installations. In addition, Biogas Plus has all the technology in-house for the fermentation of various types of organic residual flows, such as slurry, solid manure, agricultural residual flows, industrial residual flows and / or foodstuffs with an expired use-by date. The core of the company is the knowledge and know-how in the field of biogas production. In other words, how do you continuously extract as much high-quality biogas as possible from certain residual flows at the lowest possible cost. That's what it's all about in the end.

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