Feasibility studies

Biogas Plus can provide support in researching whether a biogas project is feasible. For this Biogas Plus can issue an indicative CAPEX and draw up a multi-year budget for your project.

Subsidies and measurement matters

Biogas Plus handles SDE + subsidy applications for biogas plants. In addition, Biogas Plus provides measurement protocols, measurement reports and other matters related to the SDE settlement for a large group of customers. Biogas Plus also has experience with numerous other subsidies that may apply to biogas installations.

Permit applications

Biogas Plus handles permit applications in the field of both the WABO (environment and construction) and the Nature Management Act for biogas installations. Biogas Plus also has its own drawing department, so that most of the necessary drawings can be drawn up by Biogas Plus itself. In addition, Biogas Plus works closely with a number of environmental and construction agencies who are familiar with the installations and can therefore quickly provide the necessary studies.

Financing applications

Biogas Plus provides support for financing applications for biogas installations. This support can consist of drawing up an efficiency calculation which can possibly be supported by a mass, energy and / or heat balance. A check can also be performed on the forecast menu of the installation. If desired, Biogas Plus can check the CAPEX and / or provide a quotation for the construction of (parts of) the complete biogas installation.

GVO mediation and ISCC certification

Biogas Plus mediates in the sale of your green gas certificates (GOs) and green gas. Thanks to the extensive network of Biogas Plus, you always receive a high or competitive price. In addition, Biogas Plus supports the ISCC certification of your installation, including setting up the associated administration system.