Hygiënization system

Hygiënization system

With the pasteurization of Biogas Plus you can very efficiently pasteurise digestate or slurry and make it exportable. During the pasteurization process, the manure is brought to 70 degrees Celsius for one hour (hygienization).

With our pasteurization you comply with EC Regulation No. 1069/2009 (animal by-products), which means that you are allowed to process animal by-products in your biogas installation.

The product is pumped into the pasteurization tank by means of a pump. The digestate is heated in the tank to> 70 degrees Celsius. The tanks are equipped with a stirrer so that the product remains homogeneous during pasteurization.

Before the product is pumped into the tank, the product is first cut and passes a sieve. This ensures that no particles larger than 12 mm enter the pasteurisation tank. This is a requirement from the EC Regulation.

The pasteurization tanks are mounted on weighing cells that guarantee proper administration of the pasteurized quantities. The complete pasteurization process is logged via the control.

The pasteurization installation can be set up indoors and outdoors.

In addition to supplying the complete pasteurization installation, Biogas Plus can also provide the necessary nVWA certification, including HACCP analysis.

A few features:

  • Modular system
  • Pasteurization batchwise
  • Cycle time 2.5 hours
  • Heat consumption 43.6 kWh (157 MJ) per ton of digestate (38 ° C - 72 °)
Hygiënization system
Hygiënization system
Hygiënization system