Compact Plus Biogas installation

Compact Plus Biogas installation

The Compact Plus® biogas installation has a sophisticated patented design: compact, flexible, robust and simple. With the Compact Plus® biogas installation you are able to feed the most diverse liquid and solid substrates (biomass and / or manure). In order to guarantee a good return - now and in the future - it is important that you are not dependent on just a few types of substrates.

Hydrolysis ring

The Compact Plus® biogas installation is equipped with a hydrolysis ring that is built around the digester and which is also used as a mixing ring. The hydrolysis has a number of major advantages, including the prevention of floating layers in the digesters, reduction of the sulfur concentration in the biogas, a higher methane concentration in the biogas, a stable biology in the digester and, in particular, maximum biogas production. The stackable feedstock, such as flower bulbs, can be dosed directly into this ring. 

No work on Sundays

The hydrolyzation has a residence time of several days and therefore also serves as a stock. This means that you can work in advance and do not have to feed solids every day, for example. This may mean feeding only 4 days a week. You do not have to work on Sundays either.

VacuumPressureTank pump system

The liquid substrates are pumped into the hydrolyzation by means of the Vacuum Pressure Tank pump system. The solid substrates are tipped into the hydrolyzation with the aid of, for example, a shovel. So no faulty screws and jacks are used. Contaminants such as stones etc. do not cause a malfunction in the pump system. The digester is fed from the hydrolysis using the Vacuum Pressure Tank.

Little pipework

Because a suction line can also be used as a pressure line, the Compact Plus® biogas installation contains little pipework and, consequently, few valves.


The Compact Plus® biogas installation is modular in design. The Compact Plus® biogas installation consists of one digester with hydrolysis. If a larger installation is desired, the digester and the hydrolysis can be enlarged and the design can be expanded with additional (post) digesters. The modular design means that with the same pump system all (post) digesters can be fed and drained. Each digester can also be operated independently of the other digester (s).

Completely automated

The Compact Plus® biogas installation is equipped with an advanced control system with which the entire process can be controlled automatically - and also remotely.

Plug and play

The components such as the pump system, the heat distributor and the automation system can be supplied in a specially developed technical container. This means that the heart of the installation can be placed plug-and-play at any location in the world. The construction time is thus limited and you enjoy a pre-tested installation at your location.

Support in start-up and operational management

Biogas Plus has extensive experience in the biological start-up and management of biogas installations. With the Compact Plus® biogas installation, you not only opt for an ideal design, but also for the certainty of good process management. Biogas Plus can provide support in the biological management of the installation, but also in advice in the field of subsidy and measurement matters.

The advantages of the Compact Plus® biogas installation:

  • Maximum gas production
  • Vacuum pressure tank pump system
  • Short pipes & few valves
  • Feed with high% d.s. possible
  • Hydrolysis (biological digestion of input substances) • Modular
  • Little maintenance
  • Completely automated
  • Flexible in types of food
  • Competitively priced

Do you want to build a biogas plant? Please contact us so that we can inform you about the possibilities without obligation. We have good references that you can visit if you wish.

Compact Plus Biogas installation
Compact Plus Biogas installation
Compact Plus Biogas installation