Biogas Plus has its own workshop and maintenance staff. For the maintenance of your biogas, VDT, hygiene, thickening, drying or gas upgrading installation or Bio2Net feed station, Biogas Plus has specially trained people with an equipped service bus and tools. If you conclude a service contract with us, it offers the advantage that we carry out periodic preventive maintenance, coordinated with you in advance. This can prevent malfunctions. It is of course always possible to have preventive and corrective maintenance carried out by us without a contract. To contact servcice please

mail to:
or call:   +31 88 369 29 15

Preventive maintenance

For the continuous and reliable operation of your installation it is necessary to perform preventive maintenance. Periodically, Biogas Plus and / or supplier performs prescribed preventive maintenance activities, such as performing functional tests, cleaning activities and the exchange of wearing parts. The frequency of preventive maintenance is based on the manufacturer's instructions.

Remote and onsite service

Biogas Plus has a remote service that is available every day of the year for troubleshooting. The Biogas Plus breakdown service can log into the controller remotely and thus view and assess faults and / or performance of the installation. If a malfunction cannot be resolved remotely, we will come to you to replace the defective part. Biogas Plus has the option of always having a technician come to your location within 24 hours.

Pool sharing

Biogas Plus keeps critical parts in stock based on pool sharing. Pool sharing means that these parts are in stock at Biogas Plus, only for members of the pool. In the event of a malfunction, the parts will be delivered to the relevant participant. In combination with the breakdown service, it can be ensured that breakdowns are always resolved quickly.