With more than 50 reference projects and more than 35 employees today, Biogas Plus is a leading organization in the biogas sector. Particularly in the Benelux and France, Biogas Plus can no longer be ignored as a supplier of components and as a project organization with all the necessary disciplines for the successful realization of any biogas project. Below you can read the history that Biogas Plus went through to get to where it is today.


Due to the successful construction of four projects in France, the Joint Venture in France has been fully taken over by Biogas Plus as of 1 January 2020. As of January 1, 2020, Biogas Plus SAS will be a fact and new employees will be recruited under the leadership of the new French director Bernard Prost.


A year after the takeover by ENGIE, the organizational structure of Biogas Plus is adjusted. The capacity of Biogas Plus grows through the recruitment of new employees and the introduction of a management team. The management is still headed by Wim Kuster and Seine Roelofs. However, 2019 will also be dominated by yet another new country that Biogas Plus has introduced into its portfolio. Together with its partner Shtang Eco, it is building the first biogas plant of 1 MW in Israel, which is fed with 60,000 tons of manure per year.


Due to the green gas expertise that Biogas Plus has and the successful installation of various Bio2Net feed stations, Biogas Plus will introduce its own gas upgrading installation in 2018. The first three installations will already be built in 2018. In addition to the successful introduction of the gas reprocessing plant, the farm-scale digester is also introduced, called Compact Plus Manure Digester (CPM). This manure digester is designed as a product to only digest the farm's own manure from a livestock farm and convert it into sustainable electricity or green gas. In addition to the introduction of these new products, Biogas Plus will also be taken over by ENGIE in 2018. ENGIE wants to accelerate its position in the development and production of biomethane, with which Biogas Plus can help it. Now is the time for Wim Kuster Sr. to leave the company.


Due to the improving market for biogas installations in France, Biogas Plus has meanwhile entered into a partnership with a French company in the form of a Joint Venture. In 2017, this will lead to the first biogas project and Biogas Plus will build its first biogas plant in France. More projects were soon to follow. In addition to this development in France, Biogas Plus has developed a new type of fermentation installation in the Netherlands for the fermentation of 100% manure, called the Compact Plus Manure Digester. The installation is designed to produce green electricity, sustainable heat or green gas using only proprietary manure from a single farm. The first two installations will already be sold in 2017.


In 2015, Biogas Plus launched its own Bio2Net gatekeeper under patent. This product checks the green gas before it is fed into the natural gas network.


In 2015, the Biogas Plus workforce was significantly expanded, as a result of which the number of employees grew to 25 employees. Partly because of the increasing interest in the production of green gas, Biogas Plus took on green gas expertise in the second half of 2015.


In 2012, Biogas Plus took over a biogas plant for the production of 550 kWe. In the same year, this installation was converted and expanded with the Vacuum Pressure Tank pump system, which enabled the installation to process many different types of biomass.


Due to the success of the first biogas plant in Turkey, Biogas Plus built a second biogas plant in 2012 for the fermentation of 200,000 tons of manure per year and the production of 2.4 MWe for the same customer. The core of this installation consisted of two mixing / hydrolyzations and a central Vacuum Pressure Tank pump system.


In 2011, Biogas Plus introduced its own pasteurization installation for hygienizing manure and / or digestate. Due to the fertilizer processing obligation that would follow, this product would become an indispensable element of biogas installations.


After having realized several successful biogas projects in the Netherlands, Biogas Plus moved outside the Netherlands for the first time in 2010 to build its first foreign biogas plant. It concerned a manure fermentation plant on a dairy farm in Turkey that would produce 345 kWe. This project became so successful that Biogas Plus was allowed to build a second biogas plant for the same organization in 2012 for the production of 2.4 MWe. In addition to the first experience abroad, Biogas Plus also stepped into a biogas project for the first time as owner in 2010. This installation, designed for the production of 800 kWe, would be the first in a line of different biogas installations of which Biogas Plus has become (co-) owner.


After the first successful project in 2008, Biogas Plus built a second biogas plant in 2009. This was also the first year that a project manager was hired alongside the founders to lead the construction of the second biogas plant. This second biogas plant was the first to be built according to Biogas Plus's own design and patent. This meant that a hydrolysis was placed around the main digester where all input products were combined to undergo the hydrolysis step before it was pumped as feed to the digester. Naturally, the Vacuum Pressure Tank pump system was also used as the central pump system in this project.


In 2008 Biogas Plus supervised the construction of its first project. In this project, the first Vacuum Pressure Tank (VDT) pump system has already been implemented and its own drying installation.


Biogas Plus was founded in 2007 as an advisory organization for providing biological advice to biogas plants and the development of biogas projects. At the time, the organization was owned by Wim Kuster, Wim Kuster Sr. and Seine Roelofs.