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Green gas installation delivered in Winsum (FR)

Tuesday January 19, 2021

Yesterday the green gas installation of our Compact Plus Manure Digester (CPM) was delivered to yet another new mono manure digestion project, this time in Winsum (FR). The installation will ferment the manure of approximately 250 dairy cows and thus contribute to the European objectives of producing sustainable energy. The green gas is supplied to the natural gas network.

Mono fermentation of manure on the farm

As Biogas Plus, we strongly believe in the benefits of mono fermentation on the farm. For this reason we supply our Compact Plus Manure Digester (CPM), a mono manure digester that is suitable for the fermentation of farm-specific manure. The installation is designed to make dairy farms more sustainable and also produces green gas for 215 average households.

Emission reduction through mono fermentation of manure

The strength of mono fermentation of manure is that, in addition to the production of sustainable energy, there is also a reduction in emissions of methane and nitrogen. Research shows that storing manure directly in the digester leads to a reduction in nitrogen and methane emissions from the barn. The rapid pumping of the manure into the Compact Plus Manure digester also goes hand in hand with a higher green gas production. The methane gas that is normally released in the house as greenhouse gas is thus collected in the digester and discharged into the natural gas network.

Higher utilization of your minerals

Fermenting your manure leads to a conversion of organically bound nitrogen and phosphate into mineral nitrogen and phosphate. This means that the minerals can be absorbed more quickly by the plant when you apply the fermented manure back to your land. This faster absorption reduces the chance of leaching of your minerals and thus increases the absorption of the minerals by your crop.

Biogas Plus

As Biogas Plus, we have been active in the biogas sector since 2007 and in the farm-scale mono-fermentation industry since 2017. In addition to the turnkey delivery of installations, we also provide assistance to owners of installations. This way we can apply for both the permit and the SDE ++ subsidy for you and also organize the sale of green gas and green gas certificates for you. After the installation of the installation, Biogas Plus can carry out the full maintenance for you on the basis of a service contract. Since 2020, Biogas Plus has been a qualified supplier of mono manure digesters within Jumpstart, an initiative of FrieslandCampina. Even if you want to purchase an installation within this program, Biogas Plus can provide this.

Are you interested in our Compact Plus Manure Digester and do you want to know what this can yield for your situation? Then call us on (088 4840039) or send us an email ( and we will be happy to help.

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