Biogas upgrading installation Woudenberg, Netherlands

Woudenberg, Netherlands

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Capacity: 330 Nm³ / hour biogas
Delivery: 2019

This gas upgrading installation was completely designed and built by Biogas Plus. The basis for reliable gas upgrading is thorough biogas cleaning. The biogas is therefore the first to pass through a washing tower, where all water-soluble contaminants and dust are washed out. Subsequently, the remaining H2S and VOCs are thoroughly removed with two activated carbon filters. The clean biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality with 3-stage membrane technology. A reliable screw compressor brings the biogas to the pressure required for the membranes and provides sufficient pressure for the injection of the green gas into the regional natural gas network. The Bio2Net fulfills the role of gatekeeper when feeding in green gas. The Bio2Net guarantees that only gas that meets all quality requirements enters the natural gas network.